The TRAWIGO logo was created in the 1950s.
It symbolizes the company’s belief in delivering an outstanding performance across three core areas:


Meeting the customer’s expectations.


Producing flawless premium products made of top-quality raw ingredients.


Working with highly experienced, first-class employees and concentrating on what the company does best.

As meeting customers’ expectations is the most important area of performance, this prong is longer than the others. It resembles both a towering landmark and an outstretched finger:

The customer is king!


The trident also symbolizes a


– the kind that children make or you buy at funfairs. For the windmill to turn, you have to hold it in the wind or blow strongly.

You need to take a “deep breath” and be in good shape to get things moving. But it is also crucial to make sure that the three areas of performance are perfectly balanced.This involves loving what you do, seeing your job as a calling, and having clear goals that you work towards tirelessly.

And if you run out of breath,
the long prong pricks you, reminding you that you should never rest on your laurels.