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Wiebold launches Trawigo LP in the US

The spadework was done by forming TRAWIGO Management LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. Building on that, another sales office is to be established in Provo, Utah, which will take charge of the trademark customers located in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. TRAWIGO Management LLC is being headed by Christin Brodmeyer, who has been responsible for discount customers in the US for more than a decade. In addition, she’s managing TRAWIGO LP’s business.

TRAWIGO LP is supposed to help European manufacturers adapt their products to American customers and to have these products distributed by TRAWIGO. In a next step, a US production plants is to be established in 2017 specifically to put out trademark products. Set-up of the production is overseen by Walter R. Wiebold, who will spend half of his time in the USA.


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The story behind the logo

The TRAWIGO logo was created in the 1950s. It symbolizes the company’s belief in delivering an outstanding
performance across three core areas

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In December 1968 the Wiebold Company was founded by Rolf and Christa Wiebold. They initiated today’s state-of-the art production of high-class chocolate truffles by making their first chocolate truffles in a simple warming plate for children. In the young age of 25 Walter R. Wiebold already managed his parent’s company and since then the Wiebold Company has grown to one of the market leaders for chocolate truffles. With their state-of-the-art technology Wiebold is one of the most modern chocolate producing companies worldwide.


OCTOBER 1, 2016

Sales Office TRAWIGO LP (Provo, Utah 84601)

JUNE 1, 2016

Establishment TRAWIGO LLC


The three-chamber tank is part of a large energy saving concept for the Wiebold Confiserie


Walter R. Wiebold invested and built the most advanced confectionary production site in Germany, the Wiebold Confiserie


Rolf and Christa Wiebold laid the foundation for the later success story


Strong brand names which consumers place their trust in no longer stand out merely because of their good name. Consumers have long become aware that they have to help bear the cost major name brand ad campaigns when buying these products. At the same time they also know that private label brands frequently offer better freshness and quality.

Recent market studies also prove that private label brand products are in no way inferior to big brand names and are in fact much lower in price due to efficient process management by manufacturers. As a manufacturer of chocolate truffles, we have specialized in the production of private label brands.

We can offer you:

  • high volume turnover of our products because we have compelling reasons for consumers to choose us: Unexcelled quality at the best possible price
  • Correspondingly high revenues and margins for your company.
  • Outstanding quality at the level of leading brand-name manufacturers.
  • The exclusive license for a private label brand from a brand pool, giving your clear differentiation from other manufacturers.




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